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Robin Ellis Lee

Featured Projects

EM final fire_edited.jpg

An abstract modern interpretation of the Bulgarian legend of “самодиви” (samodivi) viewed through a feministic perspective. It emphasizes the importance of authenticity, independence, freedom, and rebellion against all things ordinary.

GVB Reisdichter_Still_11.png

When the city colors orange, brown, and gold we again see the magic it brings and the connections within it. 'De Reisdichter' or 'Travel Poet' is an ode to public transport in Amsterdam, connecting more than just places to places, and people.

A short 4-part series in which young Dutch women of mixed race share their perspectives on the cultural identity crisis that often comes with having mixed heritage.

Victoria Cempasúchil_Carmen & Mario_Still07_edited.jpg

Victoria celebrates the Day of the Dead with a short film and digital videos that show families coming together with their loved ones to keep the holiday's tradition alive.

Oppo still_1.png

A sci-fi-inspired unboxing video for the Oppo Find X3 smartphone with professionals demonstrating its capabilities through hyper-vibrant visual experiments.

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